About us

Sromix Is Technology company, in which is composed with young dynamic vabriting to deliver service to the General Population, School , Business , (Private Offices) and Government Sectors. The idea is to deliver service to the above-mentioned sectors. Moreover this business intends to provide employment opportunities to those labours who know to the job and another whom not have the qualifications.

Sromix aims to be your IT Solution & communications partner, providing you with fast & effective activities.

We believe in:

      Building long term relationships;
      Friendly and professional customer service;
      Serving our clients with integrity and upholding ethical business practices;
      Presenting our clients with completely customized, high quality, original decoration

    SROMIX-TECKNOLOGY IT SOLUTIONS, located in Johannesburg, South Africa has operated as a buyer and seller in the computer wholesale industry. We are exporters of used and refurbished: Computers, Monitors, Laptops, Hard drives, CPU's, RAM, DVD ROMs, Floppy drives, Scanners, Etc. We buy and sell Computers and Electronics related equipment and peripherals, supplying retail, wholesale, and distribution Institions.
Our product consists of new, refurbished, and used equipment purchased from companies that are scaling back or offering close-outs, as well as from manufacturers who have overstocked, received returns, or are making model changes. We purchase in volume and directly from the source, which enables us to offer low pricing to our customers.
    Our success depends solely upon your success. Therefore, we consider each customer and equipment purchase or sale as unique and important. Our goal is to make a long term relationship with each customer. Inventory and pricing change daily in this industry.
We keep our margins at a minimum in order to offer competitively priced merchandise.We prefer to present the best pricing available up front, and treat all of our customers equally in terms of pricing and service.


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